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Economy Ice Appliance (IAP)


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In order to make the benefits of using the Ice Appliance more accessible to a larger number of people, HappyHill SpringWorks is now offering an Ice Appliance with a plastic case.  By using the plastic case there is a substantial reduction in the amount of labor involved in building the Ice Appliance and I am therefore able to reduce its cost.  This makes it much easier for multiple members of the family to obtain and reap the benefits of continued use of the Ice Appliance.  Each and every appliance is hand made by me in my shop.  The Economical Ice Appliance (IAP) has the same central core composed of high carbon steel separated by two pieces of glass and surrounded on all sides by thick carbon plate that the copper casing Ice Appliance (IA) contains. It also shares the same hand ground, chemical free, natural hardwood charcoal that goes in the copper casing.  The wires and literature for each appliance are the same.  The only difference between the two appliances and what you receive with them is the (IAP) has a plastic case made out of white HDPE 2 plastic and the core and ground charcoal are sealed with hot melt glue and mildew resistant white silicone while the (IA) has a copper case sealed with canning wax and topped with a high strength 3m epoxy resin.  Much, much, more labor is required to build the (IA) with the copper casing and thus its higher cost.  The Economical Ice Appliance is also good for a lifetime of use.  Buy it with confidence.  The new IAP casing has a 20 oz. capacity, therefore it has much more of the ground charcoal surrounding the central core than the previous casing which had a 16 oz. capacity.





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Economical Ice Appliance


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