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For the Subscription Share Agreements, click on the buy now buttons below to purchase your share (s).  After you have completed the details on the Pay Pal secure web site, you should be returned here to activate your subscription by clicking on the Subscribe buttons.   Upon the completion of the Pay Pal transaction you will be returned to the home page of HappyHill Springworks.  Each time you complete a transaction on the Pay Pal site and are redirected back to HappyHill Springworks, it may state that you are about to leave a secure site and return to a site that is not secure or is untrusted.  It may state that there is an invalid security certificate.  Don't worry, you will not be entering any financial information on the HappyHill Springworks site.  All financial transactions are handled by Pay Pal.  If it makes you more comfortable, reenter happyhillspringworks.com in your browser and return to the site that way.

If you are a current shareholder and have been paying by cash or by check and wish now to use your credit card to pay your quarterly stewardship fee, just click on the subscribe button in the row appropriate for your number of shares.  That will automatically charge you the quarterly fee and remind you again in three months when it is due.

If you have talked with me and are planning on purchasing your three gallon polycarbonate bottles from HappyHill Springworks, just click on the Donate button below and when prompted, enter in the amount that you are paying and what it is for. 




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One Share for 15 Gallons per month



Two Shares for 30 Gallons per month




The Share Purchase Agreement is offered for those who don't drink a lot of water, but still want to be able to purchase the artesian spring water for their use.  There is a low initial share price but you pay a little more per gallon, but only when you request it.  Please note that if you are ordering the water that has been processed through the magnetic vortex traps, the share purchase price has already been added into those prices and you do not have to purchase them here again.

The donation button is provided for those who wish to pay for other products or services or just to support HappyHill  Springworks.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you. tom




One Time Refundable Cost


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Send mail to Tom@happyhillspringworks.com with questions or comments about this web site.