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For information about the Artesian Spring and how to obtain its wonderful water, please go to:




I realize that I have probably made mistakes on this web site. Things that, in hindsight, I will wish I had not said or that will not work out in the way that I  intended.  This is an evolving process for me.  I will go with it wherever it takes me.  Please make any suggestions that you think might better facilitate the understanding between me and thee.

In addition to this web site I have two others:

tomsormuswater.com  which is focused specifically on the artesian springwater that has been processed through three magnetic vortex traps to concentrate the exotic minerals that it contains.

tomsartesianspringwater.com which at this point, only has stories of different events that I have experienced over the years.  I do intend to make it more water informational at some point.  If you like to read short interesting stories, you might want to take a look.

I have added a  new more affordable Ice Appliance (IAP) that will perform as well as the more expensive copper one but does not cost me as much in materials or labor to produce so that I am able to pass the savings on to you.  You will receive the same wonderful benefits from this more economical Ice Appliance as you do from the top of the line Ice Appliance with the copper casing.  So if you are buying for multiple members of your family and want to cut down on the costs, you might consider the (IAP).  Or if you have decided to start using solutions with your Radial Active Appliance, the (IAP) is an economical way to do so.  I use a separate appliance when I am using solutions in the circuit.  I do not like to confuse the order sequence by using one appliance for both general energy boosting and solution use.  The low cost (IAP) is an excellent way to do this.

Due to rising costs and the amount of labor involved in producing the copper Ice Appliance it has been discontinued at this time.  The IAP works just as well as the copper IA.  I have received lots of positive feedback from the use of the IAP and use one myself with gratifying results.

In an effort to make more time available for in the shop work, and to allow myself a weekend to do other things, I am now shipping on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week.  The Post Office is closed more often on Monday than any other day of the week so I will use Mondays to prepare any orders that come in over the weekend and then ship the orders that are ready on Tuesday.  The next shipping day will be Friday.  In the past, I have tried to ship as soon as I received an order.  But with today's high gas prices it is just not practical and I am spending too much time driving back and forth to the Post Office when I should be in the shop.

Special note: This is my first attempt at doing a Web Site by myself.  I keep making mistakes.  I will decide to change one little thing and then next thing I know I have completely altered the site and the way it functions. Please bear with me during my learning process.  I used to brag about the fact that I did not know anything about computers nor did I want to learn.  The Universe is now giving me my come uppins.  I have decided to go ahead and publish what I have and then add more as I learn it rather than wait until I get it perfect.  I have learned however to be very careful about saying what I will or will not do.  The Universe has a way of saying, "You want to bet".  The information that came through Cayce indicated that it was always good to  learn new things.  Even if you are in your later years and trying to learn something new that you might not have much of an opportunity to apply before moving on to a different dimension you never really lose that effort.  Our souls carry this advancement forward to other experiences.  I fondly remember one Edgar Cayce reading in the Glad helpers prayer group series in which the prayer group was working with Edgar Cayce on Spiritual healing.  They had been asking Cayce if their prayers were helping an individual that they had been praying for.  He assured them that their prayers were helping.  Well, the man died.  The prayer group came back to Cayce and said, I thought you said our prayers were helping.  Cayce reply was, They were helping and they continue to help, he will never have that condition again.  The information that Cayce presented, looked not only at the present lifetime, but all the experiences that a soul had encountered and the choices it had made.  So I am going with the attitude that even though I am struggling with learning something so new and foreign to me, in the end it will be worth it. If not in this lifetime, then perhaps in another.




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