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The Ice Appliance


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Rotation Chart
How I Build The Ice Appliance

The copper Ice Appliance is once again available by special order.

The Edgar Cayce Ice Appliance consists of:
  • One copper Ice Appliance, factory sealed for your assurance that it is new and never used, tapped to receive banana plugs
  • One new single edge safety razor blade to use in removing factory seal
  • One extremely flexible 61/2’ red wire with small nickel contact and Velcro attachment strap, banana plug, a small piece of emery cloth to clean the contact after each use, and a plastic storage bag
  • One extremely flexible 61/2’ black wire with small nickel contact and Velcro attachment strap, banana plug, a small piece of emery cloth to clean the contact after each use, and a plastic storage bag
  • Two (2) rotation charts to assist in keeping up with sequence order
  • Quick Start Instructions: Plain and simple instructions to get started using the appliance immediately and safely
  • One Radial Active Appliance booklet compiled by Joe Myers in 1965 giving many of Edgar Cayce’s readings regarding the numerous benefits to be expected from using the appliance as well as a more comprehensive overview of the appliance and its applications

The HappyHill SpringWorks Radial Active Appliance is called the Ice Appliance for a very simple reason, Edgar Cayce indicated that the Radial Active Appliance is to be activated by placing it in a non metallic container and then filling the container to within one and a half inches of the top of the appliance with ice and then filling to the same level with water and waiting approximately 20 minuets for it to cool. What a simple way for those unfamiliar with the different appliances that Cayce recommended, to indicate which appliance Cayce meant.

Though the name may be simple and unassuming, The Ice Appliance supplied by HappyHill SpringWorks is absolutely the finest in its field. The exterior case of the Ice Appliance is constructed of copper, one of the finest conductors of heat and cold known to man.  Copper has long been worn as jewelry because of its natural beauty and luster when polished. The Ice Appliance supplied by HappyHill SpringWorks has been hand polished to bring out this natural beauty and luster and then coated with a clear finish to hold this luster.


Key Benefits

  •  Edgar Cayce over and over again recommended the Ice Appliance be used instead of drugs to help the body sleep and enjoy a natural rest. 

    "And this will be, as has been indicated for same, a type of appliance for bringing rest to the weary, rest to those who have been inclined to depend upon sedatives and narcotics for rest; to those who have been under great periods of stress or strain; to those who seek to find an equalizing influence that will assist them in producing a coordination in their physical and mental beings with the spiritual affluence and effect of its activity of spirituality upon the body-physical." (1800-28) Edgar Cayce


  • Edgar Cayce also gave many readings indicating that the Ice Appliance (Radial Active Appliance) would help re-energize people who had run out of energy just as a battery might be recharged once it has run low on energy. 

        "Just as a battery may be charged or discharged, so may the human body be recharged by the production of coordination in a low form of battery reaction, or that as may be given through that of the Radio-Active Appliance given at least once each day, as the body rests.  (5428-1) Edgar Cayce

The Ice Appliance used in connection with solution jars was recommended by Edgar Cayce as an electrotherapeutic  preventive measure to prevent the development of potentially hereditary illnesses and to add various necessary minerals and elements to the body vibrationally.

And for those of you seeking to enhance your spiritual development, there is no better way than to read the spiritual material you are drawn to and then meditate upon it while you are attached to the Ice Appliance.

" And when the Appliance is used, let that be the period of the meditation. Lie prone, or almost so, when it is used; and not let the mind run hither or yon, but let the mind be rather in the constructive way and manner. For as the mind and the body and the soul are the triune, so is there the feeding of the spiritual self in the ways and manners as the physical body is fed - by thought. For the mind is the builder, and as the soul thinketh so it is.
     Then during the period let it be in that attitude of constructive hopefulness, and know - no medicine, no application, mechanical appliance or otherwise, DOES the healing - but that only the attunement to the divine within BRINGS health." Edgar Cayce Reading 261-27



Considered in relation to what it does, the Ice Appliance is an absolute  bargain.  It will never wear out.  You can continue to use it and benefit from it for the rest of your life.  Compare that to the cost of prescription drugs over a lifetime of use. Or compare it with one of your kitchen appliances, will they continue to work perfectly for the rest of your life at no additional cost.  If you just take normal care not to place the appliance on metallic surfaces and use the included rotation chart to keep up with the attachment sequence, your appliance will outlast you. I have to admit that one of the drawbacks of selling the Ice Appliance is you do not get any return business, they last forever.  One of the few true bargains in this day and time.

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Edgar Cayce Ice Appliance (copper) (IA) $555.55


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