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Wet Cell Appliance


[Under Construction]

Please note that the Wet Cell Appliance is no longer available from Happyhillspringworks.com

Completely assembled and ready to charge, the Wet Cell Appliance (#WC) consists of: 

  • A 2+ gallon polypropylene container with handles, top, and securing straps 
  • One Nickel ½” x 11” rod tapped to receive banana plug
  • One Copper ½” x 11” rod tapped to receive banana plugs
  • One 6’ 6” positive (red) wire with banana plug, Velcro, small copper contact , a small piece of emery cloth to clean contact, and a plastic storage bag
  • One 6’ 6”negative (black) wire with banana plug, Velcro, large Nickel contact , a small piece of emery cloth to clean contact, and a plastic storage bag
  • One 2’ short solution jar wire with banana plugs
    One 6 oz. solution jar with cap and hollow lead loop tapped to receive banana plugs
  • One 6 oz. empty solution jar with cap
  • One Wet Cell Recharge Kit
  • Printed instructions suggesting one way to use the Wet Cell, as well as an easy and accurate way to consistently attach the spinal contacts even if the individual has no one else to help

If you have a clinic or spa or office where clients come to you for treatment and one of the treatment modalities you offer is the Wet Cell, then the Wet Cell Appliance  provided by HappyHill SpringWorks is the one for you.  It's attractive and professional appearance will fit right into your professional decor.  Once charged, the Wet Cell holds its charge for up to 30 days and can be used many times by many different individuals. 


  • The Decal that is placed on the Wet Cell Appliance serves an additional purpose besides  enhancing the appearance of the Wet Cell.  It contains the specific instructions for mixing the charge chemicals used to activate the appliance.  No need to search around looking for the instructions on how to mix the chemicals to prepare the Wet Cell for use, they are a part of it.
  • The Wet Cell that HappyHill SpringWorks manufactures is shipped completely assembled and ready to use.  No need to try and gather up tools or read assembly instructions.  It is ready to be charged as soon as you receive it.
  • The HappyHill SpringWorks Wet Cell uses a pole length of 11".  I have always been partial to the number eleven, I was born on 1/11 and every time I see a digital clock with 11:11 on it I am reminded that we are all, after all, a part of the "One."  That's what I see when I see 11:11, all ones.


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