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Solution Jars


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The loops shown here from left to right are: hollow lead, copper, nickel

The solution jars were one of Edgar Cayce's ways of vibrationally supplying the cells and organs of our bodies with what they needed to replenish and rebuild themselves.  The jars provided by HappyHill SpringWorks are of 6 oz. capacity.

"All vibration carrying, then, some form of this nature that adds vibration to the organisms in system, for all are of the units of a vibratory force. These, as given, may be prepared in commercial quantities and applied to everyone, for it would be beneficial to all human force of life, under present conditions. These, as we see, are of the nature that will prove so beneficial to many as suffer from the various ails of the body.  Many of the conditions as are existent in alcoholic stimulants, as have been applied to system, that has destroyed the tissue in central portion of the body, destroyed tissue in the re-creative forces in generatory system, destroyed tissue in other portions of the system, even into brain itself, give these, and gold or silver, or both, would add and rebuild, rejuvenate, as it were, in the system. Give these, for they are good." Excerpt from Edgar Cayce Reading 1800-6


Key Benefits

  • The Hollow lead loop is by far the most often recommended for  use with solution jars
  • The copper loop was sometimes mentioned for use with schizophrenia type conditions
  • The nickel loop was suggested for use with the Ice Appliance as well as with metallic solutions soluble in alcohol or water(1800-8).  The nickel loop is much more resistant to damage than is the hollow lead loop which can be easily broken if handled roughly.


Description SKU # Price
Hollow lead loop with jar (WC4) $16.99
Copper loop with jar (WC4.5) $26.99
Nickel loop with jar (WC5) $26.99
Empty solution jar with lid (WC6) $4.99

All of the loops shipped by HappyHill SpringWorks include a jar so that the loop may be stored safely when out of the solution.  Never leave the loop in the solution between sessions.  The solution will very rapidly eat it up.  As soon as your session is finished, remove the loop from the solution and clean the loop with a small wire brush.  Finish by wiping the loop dry with a paper towel and then storing the loop in its own jar.  Each solution should be stored in its own jar and marked as to its contents.  I suggest a piece of tape with the notation of the contents on the lid of each jar as well as a notation on the cap of the loop which solution it is used with.  Always use the loop marked for gold with the solution jar of gold.  And the same for the loop marked for silver, etc. with its own solution.


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