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Wires and Contacts


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From left to right: large nickel contact, short solution jar wire, copper contact for use with positive wire.

With each Ice Appliance that is shipped the small German Silver contacts for general use are included. If however, solutions are to be used with the Ice Appliance, then in addition to the small standard contacts shipped with each Ice Appliance an additional negative wire with a large nickel contact is needed, as well as a short solution jar wire to connect the solution jar and appliance together, and a copper contact is always used with the positive wire when solutions are used.

The Wires needed to use solutions

  • Positive with copper contact
  • Negative with large nickel contact
  • Short solution jar wire with banana plugs on both ends to connect solution jar to appliance


Description SKU # Price
Negative Wire Assembly with Large Nickel Contact (WC2) $29.99
Short Solution Jar Wire (WC3) $7.99
Positive Wire Assembly with Copper contact (WC1) $17.99


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