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The Radial Active Appliance booklet was compiled in the late 60's by Joseph Myers.  He went to the A.R.E. headquarters and searched through the card file index of readings at the library searching specifically for mention of the Radial Active Appliance. Mr. Myers is an engineer by profession and researching the benefits and construction details of the appliance appealed to him by nature.  The forty-one page booklet of readings that he assembled is what first sparked my own interest in the Radial Active Appliance.  Over time, I have learned that I can trust the information that was presented by Edgar Cayce.  When I began to read of the many marvelous benefits that could be expected with consistent use of the appliance, I knew I had to have one for myself. 

The Radial Appliance and Wet Cell Battery by McMillin and Richards is a very good book to purchase if you are trying to understand the differences between the Radial Appliance and the Wet Cell Appliance.  Much more of the historical development of these two appliances is given as well as construction materials and suppliers for the materials.  Attention to variations in the readings concerning the construction and charging of the appliances is also examined as well as a selection of pertinent readings related to the almost miraculous benefits that might be expected with consistent and diligent use of the appliances.  I highly recommend this book to any serious user of either of these two appliances. (Sorry, this book is no longer in print.  But it can be ordered in electronic format from David McMillin at: http://www.mcmillinmedia.com/catalog/cat_appliances.html )


Description SKU # Price
Radial Active Appliance Booklet (RAjm) $11.11
The Radial Appliance and Wet Cell Battery

(Two ElectrotherapeuticDevices Recommended by Edgar Cayce)

by David McMillin, M.A. and Douglas G. Richards, PhD.

(RA&WCB) Out of Print  


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