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The Ice Appliance
Wet Cell Appliance
Solution Jars
Wires and Contacts
Economy Ice Appliance (IAP)


Ice Appliance

The Ice Appliance (Radial Active Appliance)  used in its general application is fantastic for balancing the body's own energy  fields and helping to allow a natural rest and sleep without the use of pills and according to the information that came through the Edgar Cayce readings, greatly enhances the meditation experience.

 The Ice Appliance is activated by placing it in a non-metallic container and filling it with ice and water to within one and half inches of the top of the appliance( to the bottom of the label).   It is not a battery in that it does not produce a charge of its own, but stores and redistributes the body's own natural energies.


The Wet Cell Appliance

The Wet Cell Appliance evolved out of the Ice Appliance.  Initially, the Ice Appliance was used in connection with solution jars to vibrationally provide the necessary minerals and nutrients the cells and organs needed to replenish themselves.  But as the work of Edgar Cayce became more widely known, more and more people who had been given no hope by their personal physicians, turned to Cayce for help.  As this began to occur, the information provided a stronger appliance to meet the needs of these more desperate cases.  This appliance was called the Wet Cell.  It is an actual battery that provides a measurable direct current charge in line with the body's own natural electronic  system.  HappyHill SpringWorks uses a 11" pole length in its Wet Cell Appliances.


Solution Jars

Edgar Cayce suggested several different types of metal  loops that were to be used with the different solutions.  By far the most often recommended was the hollow lead loop.  HappyHill SpringWorks provides as standard the hollow lead loop with each Wet Cell that is shipped.  But we also offer loops in nickel as well as copper.  All of the solution jars provided by HappyHill SpringWorks are 6 oz. capacity.


Wires and Contacts

With every reading that suggested the use of solutions to be added to the body vibrationally the information that came through Cayce said that a large nickel plate was to be used in the negative circuit and a small copper contact was to be used in the positive.  A typical use of the solution jar, had a short jumper wire going from the appliance to one side of a loop in the solution jar. From the other side of the loop in the solution jar, a longer wire with a large Nickel contact was attached which was then frequently placed at the umbilical center (two fingers to the right of the navel, and two fingers above the navel was often given in the readings).



These books and booklets give much more information than is given on this web site.  The Radial Active Appliance booklet (included with each Ice Appliance shipped) gives excerpts from  reading after  reading given by Edgar Cayce recommending that the appliance is one of the most important devices to be used to help the body regain and maintain its natural state of balance.    The Radial Appliance and Wet Cell Battery (Two Electrotherapeutic Devices Recommended by Edgar Cayce) by McMillin and Richards gives a detailed history of the evolution of these two electrotherapeutic devices and construction details and uses of each.  I highly recommend this book. (Sorry, this book is no longer in print.  But it can be ordered in electronic format from David McMillin at: http://www.mcmillinmedia.com/catalog/cat_appliances.html )


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